Hall of Fame

Celebrating the use of deepfake technology for entertainment, education, and enlightenment.

Too many people create deepfakes for nefarious purposes, like nonconsensual pornography or political misinformation. As a modest countermeasure, we have compiled some of our favorite deepfakes from the past five years. As a reminder, our definition of “deepfake” is broad enough to encompasses AI-generated content in any medium, regardless of whether it strives for realism. The following examples explore the deepfake medium in fascinating, creative, and compelling ways.

Have we overlooked your favorite deepfake? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

Jordan Peele PSA
Buzzfeed News, April 17, 2018

“Bill Hader Schwarzenegger”
Ctrl Shift Face on YouTube, 2019

“In Event of Moon Disaster”
Short Film by Francesca Panetta and Halsey Burglund, 2019

“The Map Becomes the Territory”
Short Film by Fabian Stelzer, 2022

“Chats w/ my inner child”
Michelle Huang on Twitter, 2022

“Nothing, Forever” (AI Seinfeld)
Generative Sitcom, 2022

Deep Tom Cruise
Tiktok, 2017

“Life of an Impressionist”
Jim Meskimen on YouTube, 2019

Linkin Park, “Lost”
Music Video, 2023

Kevin meets Sydney
Bing chatbot, 2022

“Indiana Jones”
DIY movie by Don Allen Stephenson, 2023

“Sassy Justice”
Web Series by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, 2020

“De-Aged Bill Whitaker”
60 Minutes, 2022

“Singing Presidents”
Curtis Beach on Tiktok, 2022

“Presidents as Pixar Characters”
Dan Szymboski on Twitter, 2023